Kelly Tolhurst re-selected for Rochester and Strood

Kelly Tolhurst selectedKelly Tolhurst re-selected as part of Theresa May’s team as Conservative candidate for Rochester and Strood constituency

Kelly Tolhurst has been re-selected by Rochester and Strood to be part of Theresa May’s Conservative team for the General Election on 8 June.

Kelly said:

I’m delighted to be re-selected in Rochester and Strood as part of Theresa May’s team.

The choice at the election is clear. Strong and stable leadership in the national interest with Theresa May to see us through Brexit and beyond – delivering well-paid jobs; more affordable housing; a good school place for every child; and a strong economy paying for a strong NHS.

The alternative is a hung Parliament and coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corbyn – propped up by the SNP, the Lib Dems and others. This will jeopardise our Brexit negotiations, and every single one of us in Rochester and Strood will pay for it in higher taxes, fewer jobs, more waste and more debt.”

Kelly Tolhurst was born and has lived in Rochester and Strood all her life. Educated in Strood she went straight into full time work while continuing her studies at Mid Kent Collage in the evenings. In 2002 she started her own business as a marine surveyor and turned a passion into work having grown up around the River Medway.

Having unsuccessfully fought a by-election in 2014, Kelly was elected as MP for Rochester & Strood at the 2015 general election. Over the last 2 years her focus has been around health, particularly Medway Hospital and its journey out of Special Measures, improvements to infrastructure ahead of the Local Plan and new Thames Crossing, and prioritising continued economic growth for Medway, including the awarding of the enterprise zone at Rochester Airport.

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  1. It is to be hoped that if re-elected responses to enquiries are NOT confined to platitudes following the Party Line but reflect an independent person truly aligned with the best interests of her constituents. I will not vote Socialist and do not believe in wasted votes so, in the belief that Mrs May could act in our interests, (that of white,christian, law abiding disabled pensioners who’ve served in the Army & Police) my vote is extremely likely to be for Ms Tolhurst once again. Please consolidate then improve our resources before any further increase of population or development without properly addressing the infrastructure!

  2. Great news. You’ve got my vote from day one!!

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