Railings at top of City Way

Replaced Railings

Replaced Railings at the Giratory on Maidstone Road

There have been numerous incidents over the past couple of years at the top of City Way where vehicles have failed to see / navigate the tight left-hand bend on the access to the Horsted Gyratory and collided with the railings around the traffic island.

Repeated repairs have themselves been subsequently damaged. The ward councillors requested the removal of these railings which seemed to serve little purpose as the crossing points are clearly marked and for reflective posts be provided instead.

The new plastic posts installed stand out better in the dark and are much cheaper and easier to replace in the event of any damage.

Orion Road: New dropped kerbs and tactile paving

Trevor at the re-laid crossing points in Orion Road

Trevor at the re-laid crossing points in Orion Road

Following approaches from residents in Kelly House, Leander Road and MHS homes, we were able to arrange for a new dropped kerbs to be sited on Leander Road outside McColls on both sides of the road.

Previously, there was no safe crossing point for wheelchair users as well as mums with prams. As part of the improvement scheme, arrangements were also made to upgrade the crossing points in Orion Road at its junction with Leander Road.

Tactile paving was introduced here for a safer experience for residents who have visual and mobility impairments.

Improved disabled access to pedestrian crossing on Maidstone Road

Improved Disabled Access Path

Rupert, Sylvia and Trevor on the new path

We met last year with some David Estate residents who told us of the difficulties they faced as wheelchair users in getting up the slope to the pedestrian crossing on Maidstone Road opposite The Tiger Moth.

Working with officers from a number of departments, we were able to arrange for a new path to be laid with a reduced gradient together with a new crossing control button that could be easily reached. The new path is proving to be of benefit to those with pushchairs and trolleys too.

Unemployment in Rochester & Strood down again

Kelly Tolhurst MP and George OsborneThe Rochester and Strood unemployment figures for December 2015 were published this week and they show that joblessness is moving in the right direction in our area. During the election we pledged to reduce unemployment.

These latest figures show that Government policy is continuing to work.
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English Votes for English Laws: Delivered

English Votes on English LawsIn our manifesto, we committed to English Votes for English Laws – and we’ve now delivered it.

The Housing Bill was the first piece of legislation to be subject to the new system.

It wasn’t fair that Scottish MPs could have a decisive say on laws that only affect people who live in England. Read more

PCC candidate criticises Ann Barnes’ record

Matthew Scott PCCMatthew Scott, Conservative Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner, has criticised Ann Barnes for presiding over cuts to firearms officers during her time in office (9 January).

Home Office figures showed that between March 2013 and March 2015, the number of firearms officers in Kent fell from 72 to 66, whereas nationally, the number had increased.

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Matthew Scott selected as Kent’s PCC Candidate

Matthew ScottRochester and Strood Conservatives (RSCCA) would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Matthew Scott on his selection as Conservative Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner in next year’s elections.

Matthew, from Swanley, attended Beth’s Grammar School before graduating in Public Policy, Government and Management at the University of Birmingham. He works as the office manager for government whip David Evenett. He has worked for a major grocery chain as a baker and then night-shift worker, and he currently works in Parliament.

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