Rochester East

Rochester East is the only ward in Rochester and Strood that does not have a Conservative Councillor, as it has historically been a Labour stronghold where they seem to have become complacent about a guaranteed victory every time. However that changed in 2015’s local elections when local Conservatives mounted a high profile campaign in an attempt to change this historic position.

Our lead candidate polled 1,406 votes in that election – almost doubling the previous vote, and the highest number of Conservative votes ever in the ward. We hope that in 2019 that we will be able to achieve electoral success here and ensure that Rochester East will have the Councillors that they deserve who will put the needs of the community first.

If you are a resident of Rochester East and interested in the Rochester and Strood Conservative Party, please get in touch with us by emailing .

Please visit the website of your Rochester and Strood Conservative MP, Kelly Tolhurst if you have any other issues you wish to raise.


Result of Poll – May 2015

Position Name Party Votes
2 Bowler, Nick Labour Party 1,721
8 Burn, Daniel Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 98
7 Davies, William James Green Party 560
4 Irvine, Chris UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,209
1 Murray, Teresa Margaret Labour Party 1,861
5 Rawoof, Mohamed Rizvi Conservative Party 1,095
6 Shields, Trevor James UK Independence Party (UKIP) 1,039
3 Varnham, Sean Michael Conservative Party 1,406