Local Things to Do

Are you from outside of Rochester and Strood but planning to visit our historical area. If so this is the place for you – with plenty of local things to do.

Upnor high street

Upnor High Street

A Circular Walk around the Parish

Our local councillors actively promote our beautiful ward and encourage people to come and visit and see for themselves.

Therefore we have a beautiful country walk that can be explored at their own leisure with a number of family public houses on route to get that well deserved refreshment.

Distance – Approx. 4.25 miles
Time – 2.5 hours

Our walk starts in Cooling Road at the junction with Hilltop Road, although it can be accessed at any point as it is a circular route.

Walk down Cooling Road to the junction with Hollywood Lane. Turn left and immediately right onto Lower Rochester Road. Continue over the by-pass flyover and take footpath No. 118 on the right. When the footpath widens follow the paved path to Higham Road.

Cross the road and continue straight ahead to another road and turn right. Continue along road and after the pond turn left onto the military road. After about 50 yards cross the wooden footbridge on the right and go over the stile.

Follow the left hand side of the field until you reach another stile. Go over the stile and turn right then follow the edge of the field to Four Elms Hill. Carefully cross Four Elms Hill, turn left and shortly take the footpath on the right.

Follow the footpath across the field exiting onto Upchat Road. Stop to admire the views of Rochester, Frindsbury and Wainscott. Cross Upchat Road and follow footpath through woods, running parallel with the road, ignoring the path to the left. On reaching the road turn left.

At this point it’s possible to make a diversion into Lower Upnor by following the road, or to continue the route take the footpath on the right at the bend in the road.

Go up steps and follow path into Upper Upnor passing Upper Castle House gates. Continue straight on then turn left at The Kings Arms. Go down the cobbled High Street and at the bottom admire the river views.

View fron Upchat road

View fron Upchat Road

Turn right and take the path along the river edge, it then bears right and follows a high fence. Eventually, cross Anthony’s Way at the crossing and follow the footpath. At the next road turn left and take the footpath next to the Tithe Barn entrance. At the end turn right and follow the fence around two sides of the quarry.

When the quarry fence bears left by a way marker go straight ahead onto Frindsbury Hill. Cross the road and take the footpath opposite, cross another road and continue straight ahead into Hilltop Road. Turn left and follow the road back to Cooling Road.