Speed Camera Re-Installed

Cllrs John Williams and Gary Etheridge at the site of the re-installed speed camera.

Cllr’s Gary Etheridge and John Williams have been warmly thanked by local residents following the successful re-installation of the speed camera just north of the Sans Pareil roundabout.
You cannot believe the difference it has made, in both speed and road noise”, one resident stated, whilst another, said; “We feel we can now cross the road in relative safety on the pedestrian crossing, knowing that the traffic has been slowed down. Prior to this, even though a 30mph limit, vehicles were speeding to such a degree, that they could not slow down and stop quick enough if the pedestrian lights were on red. A number of times those crossing had had very close misses as cars could not stop in time”.

Cllr Etheridge said,

Most motorists only consider the fine if they get caught, but it’s worth understanding the consequences of having an accident at speed, which could endanger other people besides yourself and your passengers.

Cllr Williams, also thanked on behalf of the ward members the Portfolio Holder, Cllr Phil Filmer, who supported the endeavours to get this camera re-instated.