Mayfair Street Party with local residents Cllr Hall and Community Wardens

Mayfair Street Party with local residents Cllr Hall and Community Wardens

Over the past few months the Mayfair area of Strood North has been transformed from an eyesore estate with frequent reports of anti-social behaviour to a warm, welcoming and friendly place where children play safely and parents behave responsibly.
A range of plants and colourful pots have been utilised to make the area look more attractive and public areas such as railings and steps have been painted by local residents.
A community shed has been provided for children to leave their bikes and scooters rather than being strewn across the street and this has also been tastefully decorated by local residents, including children.
Complaints about anti-social behaviour in the area have reduced substantially.

Local Ward Councillor Phil Hall has been involved in the works and said;

The area has been transformed thanks to the hard work of the Community Payback Team and Community Wardens – especially Suzanne Delekat – and it’s not just cosmetic.
In addition to the improvements to the area such as attractive plant pots, a community shed and painted railings, the local community has benefitted from the work of the Sports Development, Public Health and Safer Journeys Teams. Of course the biggest contributors to the positive changes have been the residents themselves – including the children.

To celebrate the big changes that have taken place in the area in recent months, a street party attended by Cllr Hall and Community Wardens was held with local residents this month.
Cllr Hall added,

The Street Party was hugely successful and even gained the support of the local Tesco branch who provided some food and drink. All-in-all this just goes to show that by working together as a community real change can take place.