Parking central Rochester

As you know, I have been anxious to get additional parking for central Rochester to cater for growth, and the new road area for coach parking is not ideal. A feasibility study is now under way, and two possibilities in the mix are increasing the height of the multi-storey or additional level(s) to the short-term car park by the station. As ever, you are the first to know and I will update you as this progresses.

Electricity issues in Rochester

You may have read in the press recently about my assistance with this issue which affects the Old Archdeaconry Hotel project. Just to clarify; the high voltage network is fine, but the 240v network is at capacity so we need a new substation (about 4m x 4m). The cost to the customer is one issue, another is finding a location in the heart of the conservation area. Get in touch if you want to know more. Kelly Tolhurst is going to take up our national policy concerns with the regulator.

Accident along esplanade

On 22 May, there was a traffic incident along the Esplanade resulting in a car being turned upside down. I have asked our highways officers to find out the cause(s) and any actions we need to take in terms of enforcement and road design. I will let you know the outcome, but I am now wanting action of some kind to make it safer along that road which is now absurd.

Cleaning up the Esplanade

An enterprising swan made a nest out of rubbish recently near Hathaway Court, so we are taking that as a prompt to organise another river/esplanade litter pick at 10am on Saturday 30th June. Let me know if you can make it!

Free Training Adult Education in Rochester

Throughout June Medway will be taking part in a ‘Festival of Learning’ and there will be many free sessions on a range of topics and interests.  Call in at the Community Hub (aka Library) and pick up your new brochure. Or thanks to our new web site now you can find out more and book online at

Crowd Funding Rochester

Up to £50k is now available towards projects in Rochester – see

Personally I like the idea of improving the ‘Sensory Garden’ in the Esplanade (the raised part) making it interesting especially for those who have problems with sight or other disabilities. But what are your ideas? How about something in Borstal or Cookham Wood area? Please let me know!


It has now been agreed with Conservation officers this can be fitted on the railings by the French Hospital. I will let you know when this happens. Thanks to the Rotary Club of Rochester!

Heritage Buildings Improvements

I am still getting some good ideas about how to move forward with ideas to improve and protect the Guildhall Museum, Corn Exchange and Princes Hall. If you want to discuss, and/or meet do please get in touch. Nothing is yet decided; this is a complex problem I have shared from the outset.