Ward Representatives Cllrs. Gary Etheridge, Cllr. John Williams, and Mrs. Elizabeth Turpin inspecting the work carried out

When Cllrs. Gary Etheridge and John Williams were contacted by residents of Ladyclose Avenue, they immediately arranged to meet to see and understand the problem for themselves.

It transpired for those residents who required access to the footpath on the far side of Town Road who were using prams, push chairs or wheel chairs, had no easy means of access to gain access to the footpath. This was incredibly dangerous, as although this is a ‘B’ classified road, it is the only route through for the industrial area in Salt Lane, whilst also carrying traffic with a further destination in either Cliffe or Cooling.

However, although the solution appeared simple, it was far from that, due to services running under the pavement and existing gullies and drains.

Council Highways Engineers were requested to view and propose a recommendation, that promised a speedy resolution. Within a few weeks, a solution was identified and a programme of works scheduled to implement the proposal and a new dropped kerb was installed.

Ward Representatives went out to inspect the finished result and delighted residents came out to thank them.

Cllr. Gary Etheridge and John Williams stated,

That when we heard that not only did residents have difficulty in crossing this road due to its heavy traffic usage, but also were unable to gain safe access to the pavement, we knew we had to act. We are pleased to be able to implement a solution that has provide benefits for our residents.