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This Thursday – Vote for a Better Strood North & Frindsbury!

In Strood North and Frindsbury we have our fantastic local candidates, Gareth BATTS, Akin EDUN and Craig LIDDELL Together we would like to share our #AmbitionForStroodNorthandFrindsbury 👇 If you share our ambition for #StroodNorthandFrindsbury then use your THREE votes for Gareth BATTS, Akin EDUN and Craig LIDDELL. Your Conservative Party Candidates for Strood North and […]

Vote for lower housing targets and protection of your Peninsula

Two things are absolute certainties next month. So, who can realistically influence that new leadership team to achieve the best outcomes for you? All Rochester and Strood Constituency Conservative candidates working with the Right Hon. Kelly Tolhurst MP have announced they will not accept any housing targets which ex-ceed genuine, locally determined needs for the […]

Hoo Common

Press Statement: Rejecting housing targets which exceed the local need

Rochester and Strood Constituency Conservative candidates reject any housing targets which exceed the genuine locally determined needs for the constituency, or which are out of character with the surrounding area or lacking adequate infrastructure. We are putting Medway communities first.

A landmark day for the UK

Boost the economy ⬆️ It will boost our economy by £1.8bn   The bloc is home to more than 500 million people and has a total GDP of £11 trillion, that’s 12% of global GDP.   Forecasts predict that total UK wages will rise by £800 million compared to 2019 levels as a result.   Zero Tariffs 🤝 It means zero […]

Comprehensive & Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership

Brambletree Farm Land

This is the piece of land behind the Cricket Club. I have been pushing for investigations and action for several years from Planning Enforcement, the Environment Agency, the Police and the DVSA. The endless numbers of trucks and damage to the environment, not to mention intimidation, has all gone on far too long. So, I […]

Brambletree farm land

Kelly’s Newsletter – February 3rd

Dear Resident, I am writing to provide an update on what has been going on both locally and nationally in recent weeks. If you know anyone who would like to be added to this newsletter, please do let me know. Similarly, if you think there is an issue that should be included or you would […]

Marlowe Park - Strood West

Chatham is Changing

Chatham has a proud history, but like most towns it is having to adapt to very different retail trading in modern times. We need more housing, but less physical retail space these days, so change is inevitable. Being close to the river, shops, leisure, rail and bus services make Chatham a great place to live. […]


MACHINE SHOP NO 8 Planning approval for a weather-tight enclosure at former Machine Shop 8 was granted by the Planning Committee at Medway Council. Officers will liaise with English Heritage and the applicant regarding the final look of the cladding and any sound-proofing requirements. What are your thoughts regarding these proposals?

Machine Shop 8

Honoring Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The expression of thanks from people across our United Kingdom and the Commonwealth at the Platinum Jubilee earlier this year was a testament to that heartfelt affection. We will all cherish our memories from that very special moment for the rest of our lives.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II