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Brambletree Farm Land

By Cllr Stuart Tranter on

This is the piece of land behind the Cricket Club. I have been pushing for investigations and action for several years from Planning Enforcement, the Environment Agency, the Police and the DVSA. The endless numbers of trucks and damage to the environment, not to mention intimidation, has all gone on far too long. So, I am immensely grateful to Kelly Tolhurst MP who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get agencies fully engaged, and to Tim Joiner who has spent so many hours painstakingly gathering evidence to support investigations, and to act as community liaison. In December Medway Council served an Enforcement Notice.

The alleged breach of control is described as:

“without planning permission the material change of use of the land to a mixed use for the importation, deposit, processing and transfer of waste, stationing of shipping containers for storage, vehicle breaking and repair, and a residential caravan site, including the construction of buildings, fencing, gates and hard surfacing.”

The requirements of the notice are to:

  • Cease the use of the land
  • Remove from the land any and all waste, materials, equipment, plant, containers, vehicles, caravans, park home, buildings, fencing, gates, structures and other items associated with the unauthorised use
  • Restore the land to its condition before the unauthorised use took place.

This still has a long way to run, and further investigations are continuing, but it is a welcome step forward.