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St. Mary’s Island

The St. Mary’s Island ward is one of two new wards formed from the old River Ward. Located on the northernmost part of Chatham, St. Mary’s Island ward includes parts of the Chatham Maritime estate between Chatham Marina and Medway UTC in the South East and the whole of St. Mary’s Island.

An experienced Councillor for St. Mary’s Island and Chatham Maritime

I am proud to be a resident of St. Mary’s Island and I have a plan to secure a better future for the area. I have lived on the Island for nearly 19 years and have served as your local Councillor since 2015.

Your Candidate

My plan for our area includes:

  1. Good and reliable public transport.
    I will continue to fight for more reliable and sustainable public transport for the residents of St. Mary’s Island and the entire Chatham Maritime estate. We want bus and rail companies to deliver better services for our residents.
  2. Road safety and inconsiderate parking.
    We have already introduced some road safety measures on St. Mary’s Island. We will continue to engage with stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the parking issue on the Island, especially during school drop off and pick up times. We will advocate for more visits from traffic enforcement officers to ensure our roads are safer.
  3. Protect the unique rural and green character of our area.
    Respect the individuality of each village, and our protected landscape.
  4. Quality housing with adequate infrastructure.
    Whilst it is important to get the extra housing that we need, we cannot allow developers to cramp lots of flats near Chatham Maritime without thinking about the impact this will have on the environment and the extra strain this poses on our already overstretched services.
  5. Encouraging investment & protecting jobs at Chatham Docks.
    We have already driven investment into Chatham Town Centre to improve the experience of all residents and visitors. We will continue to encourage investment which will create more jobs and opportunities for our community. We will fight to protect our balanced communities ensuring that employment land and jobs at Chatham Docks are protected.
  6. Improvement in educational opportunities for children.
    We have delivered the expansion of our primary schools which required additional capacity and a new nursery provision. We want to see continued improvement in the educational opportunities for children in the ward.
  7. Improving highways infrastructure & reducing congestion.
    We have already delivered a new £1.7m slip road to bypass the roundabout from Medway City Estate onto Berwick Way to reduce congestion and ease traffic flow. We will continue to work to reduce congestion in the Ward and surrounding areas.