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Hoo St. Werburgh and High Halstow

The Hoo St. Werburgh and High Halstow ward is one of two new wards formed from the old Peninsula Ward. Hoo, High Halstow and Chattenden is an ideal mix of both urban and rural characteristics so making it a wonderful place to live.

Delivering Sustainable Communities for Hoo St. Werburgh and High Halstow:

Your three Conservative Candidates have seven clear local objectives for the next four years:

  1. Protect our green spaces and Sites of Special Scientific Interest,
  2. Oppose any Air Pollution,
  3. Improve local health provision,
  4. Demand better connectivity with Medway,
  5. Encourage sustainable business & enterprise for Hoo & Kingsnorth,
  6. Expect the highest standards of education,
  7. Accept only high quality housing with supporting services and infrastructure.

Your Candidates