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Cuxton, Halling and Riverside

In 2023, Cuxton and Halling grows from a rural ward south of the M2 to include two small urban areas in a new Riverside district. These areas give access to the precious countryside which surrounds us, and as a result of the growth we have an additional seat on Medway Council.

Our plan for Cuxton, Halling and Riverside includes:

  1. Protection of the surrounding countryside, including areas of outstanding natural beauty.
  2. To maintain village identities within the countryside, protecting our precious Green Belt.
  3. To oversee the traffic situation on the A228 with the advent of the 3rd Thames Crossing in mind.
  4. To establish a cycle/footway along the river, from Cuxton Station to the Cinema on Roman Way, which gives access between the villages and the urban areas.
  5. To enhance road surface safety at the bus stops along the routes.

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