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Vote for lower housing targets and protection of your Peninsula

By Fatima Mitchell, Chris Sparks and John Tildsley on

Two things are absolute certainties next month.

  1. There will be a new Medway Council leader with a new cabinet and new team.
  2. It will not be run by the “Independent party”.

So, who can realistically influence that new leadership team to achieve the best outcomes for you?

All Rochester and Strood Constituency Conservative candidates working with the Right Hon. Kelly Tolhurst MP have announced they will not accept any housing targets which ex-ceed genuine, locally determined needs for the constituency, or which are out of character with the surrounding area or lacking adequate infrastructure. They are putting Medway communities first and refusing to accept imposed targets.

But unlike some, they also recognise we are still part of the UK, and must follow UK laws. Only a new Conservative led council can build on emerging government guidelines to create a realistic and comprehensive local plan which is right for local residents, and their children.

If Independent candidates are elected it may just open the door for a Labour led council who will spend more of your hard-earned cash on political fantasies. And Labour will build countless homes on the Peninsula; an area where their support can hardly get any worse.

We know there are big challenges, so vote for the only candidates who can deliver for our rural communities, not for unrealistic promises.

Fatima, Chris and John want to address those issues which not only protect the area, but they want to see meaningful investments in transport, health, leisure, education and other essential services which will benefit everyone.