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All Saints

The All Saints ward is one of two new wards formed from the old Peninsula Ward. Located in the northern part of Medway, All Saints is home to many tranquil communities including the Isle of Grain, High Halstow Lower Stoke, Middle Stoke and Upper Stoke.

Protecting and improving our rural communities

As a parish councillor for 11 years I know the area well. In this new ward we need a hard working Conservative local councillor; this is the ONLY way to have any real impact in a party-led council administration. ‘Independent’ voices have much less influence.

My seven point plan for All Saints Ward:

  1. Focus on improving the roads serving our rural communities.
    Roads are our lifeline, so they must be well maintained and unobstructed by hedges.
  2. Demand better primary health care.
    Everyone should have easy access to doctors and local medical care.
  3. Protect the unique rural and green character of our area.
    Respect the individuality of each village, and our protected landscape.
  4. Demand respect for our countryside.
    Seek measures to deter truckers, caravan owners, and fly tippers from harming the area.
  5. Deliver new and improved leisure facilities.
    The whole area needs easy access to a wide range of sports and other activities.
  6. Tackle anti-social behaviour.
    The council and police must have zero tolerance; everyone must feel safe, everywhere.
  7. More activities for younger people.
    Promote more youth engagement and inter-village sports and events.