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Fort Pitt

The new Fort Pitt ward stretches broadly between City Way and Maidstone Road, Chatham. It includes Chatham Railway Station and extends to the Sun Pier stretch of the river connecting Chatham with historic Rochester. It is a unique mix of popular and established residential areas with retail, leisure, maritime and commercial zones. Fort Pitt is a richly diverse and great place to live and work in.

An experienced team for Fort Pitt.

All three of our candidates, Gloria Opara, Richard Thorne, and Rupert Turpin are already experienced councillors, and are ready to represent this exciting new ward.

Whether it’s keeping your council tax the lowest in Kent, making our streets and public spaces safer, greener and cleaner, collecting your household rubbish and recycling weekly or building new, affordable homes, we will be working for you, the residents of Fort Pitt.

We will work to promote:

  1. An effective river strategy
  2. Sustainable and genuinely affordable housing
  3. Improved air quality.

We will also strive to:

  1. Protect and enhance our recreational and park areas
  2. Support our local community groups
  3. Encourage investment into our local economy

Your Candidates