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Strood West

In May 2023, Strood South becomes Strood West, as we lose the Medway Gate and Riverside developments to the new Cuxton, Halling and Riverside ward.

A strong team for Strood West

Chris Buckwell was elected for the Strood South ward in 2019, although he was first a councillor in 1983. Chris has been a qualified solicitor since 1982. He has worked in various legal posts over the years.

Chris believes that Medway Council must give value for money for the council tax it demands from us all. Service delivery is critical, such as the weekly bin, refuse and recycling collections. Those have continued for the past 10 years, with not even a break during Covid.

Chris has a voluntary role as an Honorary Consul for Africa’s second smallest nation. He has an interest in languages and some ability in French and Portuguese! He is a sax player of some 30 years, having performed over the years at various venues across Medway

Isaac Igwe, his wife, Diana, and their three children (aged 21, 17 and 11 years) have lived in Medway for 22 years. Both Isaac and Diana work in the NHS. Isaac is a service manager specialising in mental health services. Diana is a specialist diabetic nurse.

Isaac came into local politics to support a fair society, with opportunities for all in employment. He believes that people should be able to better their lives and those of their family, by working hard, but there must be support for those who don’t have the ability to do so because of physical or mental health challenges.

Isaac for formerly a councillor for Strood South ward from 2011 to 2015, so he has experience of serving our community in this new ward. Isaac is very much ‘a team player’ and has good communication skills.

Josie Iles is a current Strood South ward councillor, having first been elected in 2011 until 2015. Josie returned at a by-election in 2016 and was re-elected in 2019. She has lived in Strood for 37 years.

Josie is very proud to represent residents and will always take up issues and concerns on behalf or residents. Josie engages with council services to ensure that essential ‘front line’ services are maintained and repairs undertaken promptly.

Josie has served as a Cabinet Member on Medway Council since 2019 in respect of the Children’s Services, Education and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Portfolio. During her time in that role Josie has encouraged the Child Friendly Medway ambition of the council.

The Strood Youth Centre has been continuously supported by Josie, providing activities for children and young people.

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