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Chatham Central and Brompton

The Chatham Central and Brompton ward is one of two new wards formed from the old River Ward. Running through the heart of Chatham from St. Mary’s Island in the north, to Huntsman’s Corner in the South. Chatham Central and Brompton is one of the most diverse wards in Medway.

An exciting new future; economic growth and pride.

You told us you want to see pride return to our town centre; well so do we! Updated, relevant retail, better services and leisure supported by vibrant communities and effective transport. The journey has started; you have seen some changes already in the town centre. We want to see it completed, not go backwards under Labour who will cut services and growth to fund handouts.

But we also need to protect our valuable heritage buildings and special places, such as Brompton. That’s why the Brook Theatre is being refurbished, for example. We want to make this once proud ward a wonderful place to live, supported by effective essential services.

Our plan for Chatham Central and Brompton includes:

  1. Accept only high quality housing, in the right locations, not London over-spill and economic migrants welcomed by Labour.
  2. Protect our green spaces and environment.
  3. Encourage low-carbon, efficient transport but recognising the essential need for cars and places to park.
  4. Zero tolerance once and for all of anti-social behaviour in our town centres and residential areas.

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